Horoscope Matching Services

Majority of Indian weddings start with the matching of horoscopes of the bride and the groom.It is a widespread belief that compatibility of the couple at the celestial.

level is a must for a long and happy married life. For this purpose first the individual horoscopes are drawn up by a professional astrologer. Then the compatibility chart is drawn with the negative as well as the positive strength of each of them.

The actual position of the stars in the solar system with respect to other planetary configurations at the time of birth of a subject determines his luck in terms of health, wealth, social standing, honour, reproduction and longevity.

Generally, the following traits and characters are associated with the different planets in the Solar System:

Jupiter: This planet gives the subject spirituality, wisdom, hope, generosity, warmth, sense of judgement and richness.

Mars: The red planet gives life force, zeal, energy, intensity and warmth to a relation.

Sun: The giver of life, education, brightness, energy, vitality, authority and power.

Venus: It’s the planet that controls the subtle emotions of love, harmony and peace.

Mercury: This planet bestows material wealth by bringing wonderful business ideas to fruition because it controls the mind, intellect, perception and expression of the individuals.

Moon: Variability, emotionalism in the temperament of an individual, reproduction and sensation etc are governed by this planet.

Uranus: Sudden unexpected changes be it for the better or for the worse which changes the future
course of the life for ever in an individual is the work of this planet.

Neptune: Mysticism, hallucinations, fears, spiritual ecstasy, exploration of mysteries, religious inclinations etc. are governed by Neptune.

Saturn: This planet influences the thought processes of an individual subject. It gives reason, logic, maturity and a philosophic bent of mind if it is favourably positioned in the planetary scheme.

In our society, people believe that ‘gun-milan’ is sufficient for match-making. However, that’s not true. Match-making is not about just ‘gun-milan’, we need to carefully study the longevity, progeny, health, financial status, happiness and prosperity after marriage.

We wish to break all myths of society with our astro-science services.
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to make our life prosperous and cheerful. We also provide remedies for rectifying Mangal Dosh, Pitra Dosh, Kalsarp Doshas etc