Bridal Trousseau Packing

The custom of giving and receiving gifts is as old as the tradition of marriage itself across all civilized cultures of the world. It is more so in an Indian wedding because an Indian wedding is hailed as an alliance between two families. And gifts for each other provide a perfect bridge for them to come together in oneness.

Post wedding, the bride has to adjust to her new home and get acquainted with her new relatives. She has to build up a rapport with each member and gradually merge her identity with the new family. This task is easier said than done. But if she has a gift in her kitty for everyone in her new home then things get smoother for her. That is precisely why there’s a flourishing culture of giving gifts to the new family members.

Considered from the angle of the bride’s family again two sentiments work hand in hand in this custom of giving gifts to the daughter. One, as per traditions a daughter once married loses her rights to her parental properties. So, to make up for that she is lavished with gifts during her wedding. Two, the gifts that she carries with her to her in- laws home is an indication of the economic and social status of the family she hails from. Thus, giving away loads of gifts to the daughter augurs well for her respectability and position in her new home.

The bridal trousseau packing holds considerable significance in an Indian wedding. But there’s a catch; no matter how expensive the gifts are, unless they are beautifully gift wrapped, they loose the element of surprise and mystery that accompanies the handing of gifts.

Gifts like expensive saris, utensils made of silver, bell–metal, brass, copper etc. must essentially be gift wrapped with colourful fabrics, papers, satin ribbons, small sea-shells, charms, glittering metal coloured bells, bows, trinkets etc. of different colours. Sizes of gifts vary and so do their wrappings. For instance, a decorated golden thaali will take less effort to gift wrap than say a bell-metal pitcher. Again, a jewellery box with sharp edges will require extra care so that the wrappings do not tear off at the edges. So, giving a well finished wrap to every item of gift takes quite an effort and expertise.

With our professional gift wrappers at your disposal all you have to think about is the smile that you will get in return,each time you part with a gift and none of the hassles that go into wrapping them.

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