House / Room / Car Decoration

Wedding House/Room, Car DecorationGiven the splendour, excitement, magnitude surrounding an Indian wedding ceremony, the decoration of the houses of the bride and the groom, the interior rooms, the wedding car deserves special attention because the external decorations and adornments drive home the point that there’s a special occasion in the family.

We follow a comprehensive and standard approach in giving a stylized, contemporary yet traditional look to a house and convert it into a cozy dwelling for the newly wed couple and their respective families. Our services in this regard may broadly be classified into the following:

House decoration :  The gate or the entrance of the house should stand out and look very welcoming. So, it has to be decorated with flowing fabrics, flower strings, a makeshift decorative roof over the gate etc. for a chic look. For a more traditional look, two huge earthen pitchers with a tender coconut mounted atop each should be kept at either side of the gate with banana trees. If the house has a front-yard, then it could be utilized very effectively by decorating it with different hues of lights, sitting arrangements, streamers floral strings etc. All external parts of the building like walls, balconies, staircase, doorways etc must be well painted. Besides, floral strings with bells and charms can run up and down through the entire external walls and railings.

Room decoration :  The bedroom of the newly wed couple should look no less than a 5-star hotel or a luxurious wedding suite. Soft lights, fresh flowers esp the long stemmed red roses, cozy linen set up the mood well.

Car Decoration :  Every effort is put into decorating the wedding car so as to reflect the passion of the groom in bringing his newly wed bride home. Pink ribbons, fresh flowers, glitters , ferns etc make that passion obvious to the onlookers.

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