Wedding Lighting DecorationSmart lighting enlivens an occasion to varying degrees depending on the concept, theme and technology used. In today’s technologically charged environment there should not be any room for complacency when it comes to lighting up a space. The following key points should be borne in mind when lighting up a wedding venue:

1. Highlighting in different degrees:  Lighting can be used cleverly to highlight certain aspects of the overall décor while understating some others for a magical outcome.

2. Colour theme:  Rotating or static coloured lighting enhances the beauty and sophistication to a given decoration scheme.

3. Size of lights used: Lights come in different shapes and sizes these days.
To choose the appropriate size beginning with flower bud sized ones to huge Halogen lights requires dexterity and precision for a fabulous look.

4. Frequency and density: The frequency and density of the number of lights used depends on the degree of illumination required for a particular area. Thus the frequency should be worked out accordingly.

5. Height : The height of positioning different lights in the done up area tells a lot about the craftsmanship involved. For instance, a huge light placed at a waist level would look hideous.
Similarly, tiny lights scattered across the ceiling would look equally disturbing. Thus the height of placement of each string or stand alone light has to be figured out appropriately to gel well with the entire décor .

Our lighting experts are at your disposal to provide you with state –of – art technology in lighting together with their years of experience in bringing an ethereal touch to your wedding venue décor.

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