There are four things that make a wedding ceremony stand out from the rest. These are -Venue Decoration, The Food, The Discipline and The Clothes in that order. So, utmost importance is given to ensure that the venue is decorated according to the theme, if there is one. The mandap is the focal point of the venue which is why it has to look elegant , chic and in sync with the rest of the venue set up. The mandap could be based on a raised platform decorated with curtains on all sides or it could be made on a regular floor with colourful satin curtains outlining and enclosing it.
These are some of the high attention areas while doing up a truly beautiful mandap:

Wedding Mandap Decorator in Delhi
1.Theme Style : The mandap has to be in sync with the theme of the wedding ceremony. For instance, if it’s a Valentine’s theme the stage has to be decorated with lots of balloons, streamers, red and pink flowers, heart shaped cushions thrown in etc.

2.Fabrics : The fabrics used in decorating the mandap qualifies the extent of opulence in the wedding ceremony. Fabrics in rich colours like red, magenta, golden and silver mixed and matched with lighter shades of other colours put a royal ambience to the mandap.

3.Accessories : Accessories like colourful cushions, mini statues, ornate pitchers ,
strings made of flowers and leaves with golden bells and charms put at strategic positions and corners add to the glamour of the mandap.

4.The canopy :  The high point of a mandap is it’s canopy or make belief roof. The canopy has to look outstanding by it’s symmetry, height, and gorgeousness and colour scheme.

5.Floral Arrangements :  Flowers are a sign of purity, freshness, beauty and fragrance . So, a mandap must integrate these elements by a careful mix and match of floral outlays.

6.Lighting :  Lighting arrangements give a distinct aura to the mandap. Coloured lights can give a definite tint to the overall do and it can be changed according to the mood of the rituals that take place within and outside the mandap

7.Rangoli : Apart from adding colours to the mandap, rangoli adds a touch of
sacredness and auspiciousness to the mandap while improving the overall décor of the mandap and it’s surroundings.

8.Coloured candles and earthen lamps : No matter how well lit a stage is with electric lighting arrangements, still it remains incomplete without the glint of live
burning candles in different colours and small decorated earthen lamps of different shapes and designs placed schematically to go with the overall décor.

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