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Pandits for Indian WeddingAn Indian wedding is an alliance between two families rather than an alliance between two individuals. In addition, the involvement of the neighbourhood society in the wedding puts a silent obligation on the families to sanctify the wedding and lend it social validity. This obligation necessitates the presence of one or more wedding pandits or priests experienced in conducting the wedding rituals as per the traditions and customs followed by the particular community. However, getting access to the services of a proficient priest within the time stipulations proves to be a hurdle. Thus we make available the services of wedding priests and pandits at reasonable fees.

The primary role of a priest is to guide the couple and their families through the different rituals of marriage. However,in inter religious or inter community marriages the couple may be required to follow two sets of wedding rituals, one belonging to the bride’s community and the other followed by the groom’s community to lend credibility and acceptance to the wedding by both communities involved. In such cases, the services of atleast two priests are secured simultaneously.

In a Hindu Wedding, the Saptapadi with the accompanied chanting of mantras bear special significance to the wedding which cannot be bargained for any thing. Thus it is of utmost importance that the wedding priest is conversant with all the relevant verses and sacred rituals concerning a wedding ceremony.

Christian Wedding by and large are conducted in a church. Still nowadays an increasing trend is being observed of conducting such weddings within the wedding venue, be it the house of the bride or a hired accommodation. Thus the services of a pastor becomes indispensable. We,in our efforts to make a wedding truly hassle-free provide the services of a Christian wedding priest most economically.

In a Muslim Wedding, the role of the Maulvi or priest is paramount. He has to ensure that the wedding contract is drawn as per the Muslim law and has to conform to the different provisions thereunder. As such he has to be an expert in conducting the wedding ceremony. Our all round experiences as wedding planners come in handy while choosing the services of a priest of repute and good standing.

Likewise in a Sikh Wedding called ‘Anandkaraj’, the active involvement of the Granthi also called Bhaiji is indispensable. He recites the relevant verses called the Gurubani from the holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji while the couple takes the four sacred rounds around it. These rounds are called ‘Lava Phere’. Bride and groom tie up the sacred safa uniting them in holy matrimony.

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