Wedding Jewellery

jewel1The most significant day in every woman’s life is her wedding. And the one thing that makes the day and the occasion is the wedding trousseau and the wedding jewellery.

Wedding jewellery adds a distinct charm to the bride’s personality. The wedding jewellery has a long and lasting impression which stays with you not only till the wedding day but even beyond that. Wedding jewellery also forms a part of the Indian wedding customs whether its exchanging wedding rings between bride and groom or the groom tying mangal sutra around the brides neck.

There are various options for wedding jewellery these days like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond. In Indian wedding people have an obvious inclination towards Gold. Gold has been traditionally associated with the wealth, prosperity and happiness. Apart from Gold, lot of jewellers now-a-days use rare art form of Thewa, Kundan, Meena & Victorian craftsmanship to create ornaments with colored gemstones. Recently, the platinum jewellery is very much in trend. The diamond jewellery has always been favorites of women. The diamond jewelry is preferred for the wedding jewellery.


jewel2Indian brides love to wear wedding jewellery that offer a perfect fusion of conventional and contemporary designs crafted using different shades, cuts and designs in stones. Embedded with precious and semi precious stones, the wedding jewellery in a variety of colors are available to suit the different kinds of dresses.

There is a long list of Wedding jewellery range like bangles, finger rings, necklace, nose pin, ear rings, Payal, Tagdi, Maang teeka, bracelet, baju-band, mangal sutra and much more. Bracelets and cufflinks make great jewelry for groom.

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