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In an Indian wedding, the stage is the focus of attention for the guests and the hosts alike. On the wedding day the bride and the groom is treated like a prince and princess respectively. That’s why it becomes very crucial that the wedding stage looks no less than a modern king’s court with a royal throne for the royal couple.

The décor should be such that it shakes the imagination of everybody who takes part in the wedding celebrations. The main wedding ceremonies like the exchanging of garlands, wedding rings etc takes place in the stage to the collective applause of the guests. Recognizing it’s importance in the whole scheme of things the following aspects should be kept in mind while decorating the stage:

1. Selection of Colour Scheme :  First and foremost, a suitable colour scheme has to be chosen. It could be red and golden, red and white, saffron, green and blue fused in different proportions with a little yellow at different parts of the stage etc.

2.Fabric and upholstery :  In any decoration scheme, the fabrics used give warmth and a certain opulent ambiance to the layout. A host of different fabrics can be picked and mixed and matched to give an optimum look to any set up. Fabrics like richly coloured satins, velvets, nets, silks etc used in different proportions can bring out a dream stage into reality.

3.Sofas,Settees or ornate chairs :  As already mentioned, the chair, sofa or settee placed for the couple should be extraordinarily elegant and beautiful. Chairs in metallic colours like gold,silver etc. rises up to the occasion because they can be upholstered with any colour scheme like red, green , blue etc. with magical outcomes. The size and number of chairs to be used however depends upon individual preferences as well as the overall carpet area of the stage.

4.Carpets :  The stage must be well covered with one or more richly coloured carpets to give it an unmatched elegance. The colours chosen must be compatible to the overall colour scheme.

5.Lighting :  Lighting up the stage with coloured and special effects lighting using electric, modern, transitional, lighting arrangements are a must for the desired dreamy spectacular changes to highlight the stage for that big special day. High resistant LED lighting adds the glitter and magic to the entire set up. A central chandelier over the stage would be an icing on the cake. It could be wrapped around with chiffon or net for a more dramatic effect.

6.Floral Decoration :  One essential element in stage designing is the floral decorations. Flowers add freshness, colour, fragrance, warmth and natural beauty to any event. Thus flowers should be used in appropriate proportions in a stage décor.

Using the above elements in the right proportions and appropriate places a wedding stage could really look stunning.

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