Wedding Sweets & Reception Cakes

Wedding Sweets & Reception CakesIndian wedding ceremonies offer the perfect excuse for us to explore our sweet tooth. The sheer variety of sweets available across India is mind boggling in terms of the ingredients used, the colour, texture and the garnishing that tastes nothing less than ambrosia.

In the Northern states, it’s a common perception that the sweetness in the matrimonial alliance in directly proportional to the amount of sweets distributed on the wedding ceremony. That’s why, sweets like Ladoos, Kaju katlis, Gulab jamuns, Rasmalai, Imartis, Khoya burfis etc are distributed on every event of a wedding ceremony. Packaged sweets are distributed among guests as a goodwill gesture by the parents of the bride and the groom.

The Sindhis have a tradition of turning out an eclectic range of sweets from simple ingredients like white pumpkins, red pumpkins, semolina, wheat, gram flour etc. garnished with dry fruits and icing sugar and flavoured with powdered flower petals, rose water, kewra essence etc.

Towards the east the state of West Bengal is popular with it’s huge array of traditional and contemporary sweets. Rasagollas, kalakand, channar jelabi, kheer kadam, Mohini bhog, Raaj bhog, Kheer kalash well the list is endless! Nowadays people suffering from diabetes or other sugar associated maladies can gorge on a platter full of sugar-free sweets too.

To the west we have the fabulous states of Gujarat and Rajasthan who take a place of pride in the country’s sweet making tradition. The mouth watering Shrikhand, Son papdi, Badam katlis, Pethas, Kesari Phirni, Gujia, Malai Kulfi, sweets made from freshly ground almonds, pistachio nuts ,walnuts etc topped with saffron strands are enough to tickle the taste buds of any living soul. The incredible variations of milk product based sweets throw an interesting addition to any mouth watering delight.

Down South the traditional Payasam holds centre stage in a sweet spread. It is usually a dish of milk cooked with a little rice with sugar and garnished with nuts, raisins, saffron etc. This Payasam is served as the main desert with other sweets like coconut burfi, Kopra pak , Kaddu halwa etc.

On the whole, the sweets on offer on a special occasion like a wedding lingers on in the minds of the guests and hosts long after the event is over. So, we extend our services in supplying the right assortment of sweets to make your wedding a gala a treat for sweet lovers across all age groups.


cakeIt goes without doubt, that, on a wedding day all eyes are fixed on the wedding couple. After that it’s the wedding cake. Though traditionally a western concept yet it has found strong roots in modern Indian wedding ceremonies. The wedding cake symbolizes the essence of a cosmopolitan environment in a present day global village where fusion culture is the name of the game.

To sum up the above sentiment in the wedding cake would be really delightful to guests and hosts alike. A three tier or four tier cake with a traditional Gujarati wedding couple as it’s topping would be very interesting. Likewise a cake made of chocolate with a double layer of marzipan and large saffron floral patterns running in circles across the length of the cake would give it a touch of sacredness associated with the saffron colour in Hinduism.

A velvety cake with delicious colourful syrups filled in small pockets within the cake with powdered nuts and dry fruits in different segments will truly be wonderful. For a Royal feel, a cake designed like a huge two –tier jewellery box with embedded colourful gemstones all over the body with real gold dust for surface decoration will make the most unique wedding cake with a royal touch.

Actually, the decoration on a cake differentiates a wedding cake from cakes made on other occasions. So,a detailed understanding of what goes well with a wedding cake has to be infused by an experienced craftsman into his masterpiece. We feel that there should be no room for regularity in a wedding cake and it should be as unique as possible. In our endeavour to supply you the most unique piece of art,the wedding cake, we have associated ourselves with the best bakeries and confectioners in the profession so that the moment the cake enters the reception hall your guests sit up and take notice.

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