Setting Wedding Budget

In India,a wedding ceremony is the most important event in a person’s life. This is particularly so in a Hindu wedding because there’s a widespread belief among the Hindus that a marriage is an alliance for seven births together. Thus, every possible care has to be afforded to make it truly special. Again, an Indian wedding ceremony is an elaborate, extensive, time consuming and laborious affair making it difficult to be managed by just the two families involved. Planning out the economic aspects of the wedding ceremony deserves special attention by persons skilled in this line to integrate each of the individual budgetary requirements into the main budget without upsetting the financial parameters of the wedding ceremony.

Setting Wedding Budget

One of the most practical aspect of realizing the dream wedding is doubtlessly the setting of the wedding budget. A judicious approach to the expenditures on different counts/heads must be maintained so as to leave no room for a shortfall under any of the heads. The wedding planning should ideally begin with the budgeting of the whole affair which is why, we provide excellent assistance in drawing up a detailed budget for an elaborate wedding ceremony.

Our long standing experience as wedding planners has given us an in-depth knowledge of the products and services available in the market across all budgetary parameters. Our budgeting assistance includes and is not limited to the following:

1. Venue Selection: Approximately, 25%-30% of a wedding budget go towards the booking and hiring of the wedding venue demanding special attention to it’s selection. We can draw on our extensive database to select the best possible venue from the perspective of style, grandeur, cost-effectiveness, location, theme etc.

2. Venue Decoration: Venue decoration involves another important heading for expenditures. We can choose from our long list of service providers to offer you the best deal within the available budget.

3. Catering: Almost 30% of a wedding budget is allocated for the catering services in a wedding ceremony. We provide assistance in selecting the most suitable caterers by taking into consideration things like the menu, location, amount to be spent for the catering for a memorable and elaborate feast for guests and hosts alike.

4. Transportation: In any high profile wedding, transportation takes up approximately 15% of the budget layout. Thus it demands professional planning to keep it within bounds while ensuring a smooth transport for each person concerned.

5. Wedding Clothes: Any wedding ceremony would be incomplete without setting a budget for the clothes and the wedding trousseau. Our exceptional links with a wide range of boutiques and designer backed showrooms across all budget segments give us the confidence to assure our clients the best bargain while shopping for wedding apparels and trousseaus.

6. Wedding Jewellery: Shopping for wedding jewellery drills a whole in the wedding budget pocket. As such, we provide assistance in choosing the right source to procure the right jewellery while availing the rebates and discounts that comes our way due to our long standing relationship with leading jewellery showrooms across India.

7. Entertainment and Fun: Music, dance and entertainment form an inseparable part of Indian weddings. The amount spent on hiring the services of professional entertainment troupes is a key area of expenditure. Hence our budget planning spreads out to cover the expenses of an entertainment package in the most cost-effective way.

8. Make-up of the wedding couple: The bride and the groom should look like a princess and prince respectively on their wedding day. They have to be groomed for the occasion by professional beauticians to look their best on the wedding day.

To ensure that we draw the services from our pool of beauty and make up experts in our wedding planning kitty at the most reasonable prices .

Covering the above aspects and much more of budgeting within a given time frame to ensure that the whole wedding ceremony sails through without any glitches while not compromising on the quality and standard of the whole affair is our hearty assurance.

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