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Sagan / Tikka Ceremony

Sagan / Tikka Ceremony

One to two days prior to the main wedding day, Tikka/Sagan ceremony is observed in certain North Indian Weddings in lieu of an engagement ceremony. So, it is no less than an engagement ceremony. In this ritual the family members and friends of the bride visit the grooms’ house or a banquet hall to bless the groom. They carry gifts wrapped colourfully for the occasion. Apart from the groom, each member in the groom’ household has something for him/her. The father of the bride or her eldest brother then applies a Tikka on the forehead of the groom and presents him with jewellery like a gold ring or a chain etc.

Thus to make it special we offer all the services necessary to bring together all the ingredients of a traditional Tikka ceremony. The venue, it’s decoration, clothes and jewellery that will pass hands as gifts and blessings are duly attended to so that the bridegroom feels elated at his prospective marriage. We ensure that the gifts packed leave a lasting impression on the recipient. This ceremony also calls for exchange of sweets and dry fruits and you may very well leave it on to us to ensure that the guests get the best taste in the most presentable manner.

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