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Wedding Day

Wedding Day

The wedding day is the most important day in a person’s life. The future course of a person’s life stands changed after his/her wedding. So, this important turning point has to be celebrated to the hilt without carrying any emotional, financial, social baggage into the beautiful relationship that is to ensue. To ease out things so that it’s lighter on the pocket as well as on the shoulders we provide some useful suggestions based on our long experience as a wedding planner.

The Budget: The budget for the whole affair has to be set a couple of months before the wedding so that there are no likelihood of unpleasant surprises when the time to pay off arrives. It is usually advisable that all payments are made in advance before the wedding day so that there’s ample time for bargaining and streamlining the whole affair.

The Decorations: The theme for the wedding ceremony has to be decided a few weeks before the big day. Deciding on the theme would help the planners start off from a solid ground.

The Clothes: The clothes meant for the wedding day has to arrive at least a week before the wedding day for proper trials and requisite alterations, if any for an exceptional fitting.

The Guest List: While drawing up the guest list, it is very important to separate the local guests from the outstation guests because outstation guests require more attention for their accommodation etc. involving more costs. Again due care has to be taken to figure out the near exact number of guests who would actually turn up on the wedding day to prevent wastages .

The above mentioned points has to be figured out and accommodated by the clients themselves with guidance from the expert wedding planners wherever needed. Our involvement here ranges from providing the support in choosing the best venue whether it’s a banquet hall, a splendid farm house or a community hall or alike, arranging accommodation for outstation guests, decorations, food caterer and so on. In short, we give you an end-to-end solution for the entire affair where you just prepare yourself for the big day.

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