Aggarwal Marwari Rishtey in Delhi

Aggarwal Marwari Matrimonial Service in Delhi

Wedding Alliances specializes in Aggarwal rishtey in Delhi NCR. We work hard to bring together all Marwaris and offer professional Aggarwal/Marwari matrimonial services for Khandelwal, Agarwal, Maheshwari and Jain communities. Wedding Alliances possesses an over ten years of experience now in maturing Agarwal (aggrawal), Jain and Marwari rishtey. We work for good business families, service families, professionals etc for reputed families.

Agrasen was a legendary Indian king (Maharaja) of Agroha, a city of traders. The Agrawal and Agrahari communities claim descent from him. Agrawals are basically a commercial community or Vaishyas. They are one of the most respectable and enterprising of mercantile tribes.

Agrasen divided his kingdom among his eighteen children resulting in eighteen agrawal gotras. Often, the number of gotras is said to be seventeen. Another version suggests that Agrasen proceeded to conduct 18 mahayajnas (“Great yajnas”). During one such yajna, Agrasen noticed that a horse that had been brought to be sacrificed was trying hard to get away from the sacrificial altar. Seeing this Maharaj Agrasen was filled with compassion for the animal. The idea of ahimsa (non-violence) grabbed his mind. Therefore, he put a brake to his eighteenth yajna, announcing that no sacrifice of animals will be made in his kingdom in name of yajnas. Thus, the eighteenth yajna wasn’t completed and Agrasen had performed seventeen and a half yajnas. The gods appeared before him and blessed him with seventeen and a half gotras.

The seventeen and a half gotras of Agrawals are
Garg, Bansal, Bindal, Bhandal, Dharan, Airan, Goyal, Goyan (half gotra), Jindal, Singhal, Kansal, Kucchal Agrahari, Madhukul, Mangal, Mittal, Nangal, Tayal, Tingle

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