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Wedding Alliances specializes in Jain rishtey in Delhi NCR. We work for good business families, service families, professionals etc for reputed families both Swetambar and Digambar Jains. Being the best Jain marriage bureau, we offer professional Jain matrimonial services in Delhi NCR for Jain communities.

Jainism is India’s sixth-largest religion and is practiced throughout India. Jainism is one of the prominent religions practiced in India. Jains are a peace-loving community with deep sense of spirituality that guides their traditions. There are about 110 different Jain communities in India. They can be divided into six groups based on historical and current residence. Oswal, Khandelwal, Agarwal, Porwad, Bagherwal, Humad, Jaiswal Jain, Palliwal, Veerwal.

Jain weddings are simple although they involve a lot of typical rituals specified in their religious texts. In Jainism, marriage is considered a worldly affair that increases human bondage, but it is encouraged nonetheless by the scriptures as it recognizes the dependence of two living organisms on one another.

Jains prefer matches within their own community so that the traditions are carried forward. They largely condemn the practice of dowry. Weddings are solemnized by a Jain Pandit preferably, but in certain cases it is also performed by a respectable person of the community who has proper knowledge of the entire process and the relevance.

The two main sects of Jainism follow some different marriage traditions, there are sixteen main rites in a marriage ceremony, which are – Matrkasthapana, Saptakulakarasthapana, Varaghodano Santimantra, Hastamelapa, Agnisthapana, Homa, Prathamabhisheka, Varamala, Gotroccara, Mandapavedipratistha, Toranapratishtha, Agnipradaksina, Kanyadana, Panigrahana, Vasaksepa,Dvitiyabhiseka, Karamocana, and Asirvada.

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