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Event Planning

Event Planning

Given the scale of extensiveness, opulence, elaborateness and detailed arrangements involved in an Indian wedding, managing all the individual events that form part of the big wedding ceremony is a daunting task for even matured individuals and joint families. Undertaking to cover all the events may leave loose ends inviting social embarrassment to the family concerned. However, a positive approach to with the tricky situation would be to assign any number of individual events to the expert handling of professional event planners. Thus one or more of the following events may be left to our management and care leaving you more time and energy to plan and execute the rest of the events and ceremonies as per your comfort level.

The wedding ceremonies like the

etc. may be managed as single stand alone events by our experts with unparalleled finesse.

Again, the events of the main wedding ceremony may be broken down into individual events like – the booking of venue, the decoration and lighting of the venue, the welcoming of the baraat, the mandap ceremony, the reception, etc. , and left to professional experts for a flawless and smooth and vibrant wedding affair.

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